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What is

Evedo is a blockchain based platform, consisting of B2B & B2C Marketplaces. It unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events. Our aim is to build a marketplace and a true ecosystem that will help the $850+ Billion event industry grow by connecting all parties without unnecessary middlemen.

B2C Marketplace

Main players in the B2C Marketplace would be Organizers, Promoters and Attendees. The main functions will be to Buy/Sell tickets and market events to new or existing audiences

B2b Marketplace

Event Organizers can create their profile and start organizing events, booking entertainers & venues, renting equipment and promoting their events.

Venue Owners can create a profile that provides information about their venue/s that are available for booking. The information provided will include the capacity, a base price or minimum price based on per person attendance, photos etc..

Entertainers & Booking Managers can create a profile listing their services, attach links to their works and social media, and can post an hourly rate, flat rate, or a percentage with a soft cap (optionally a hard cap, as well).

Rental Companies provide an arsenal of equipment that they can supply for events. They can manage the scheduling of their Equipment and roadies to move and setup hardware around events.

Sponsors can look for events and offer additional sponsorships for advertising spots / affiliate marketing. Value can be delivered by means of goods or services.

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So what's the idea behind evedo?

How is evedo different?

Other Existing Solutions:
Other Existing Solutions:
Event Creation
Event Creation Some
  Crowdfunding an event
Crowdfunding an event
  0% Commission for tickets
0% Commission for tickets
  Scalping & Fraud Prevention
Scalping & Fraud Prevention Some
  All relevant businesses for an event to happen in one place
All relevant businesses for an event to happen in one place
  Blockchain Level of Security & Transparency
Blockchain Level of Security & Transpreancy Some
  Automatic conversion of BTC / ETH / Fiat into EVED
Automatic conversion of BTC / ETH / Fiat into EVED Some
  Impartial third-party dispute resolution
Impartial third-party dispute resolution
  Tickets Platform + Social Media component
Tickets Platform + Social Media component
  In-App Advertisement & Promotion
In-App Advertisement & Promotion Some

Why Blockchain?

A major role in our application’s value is the transparency provided by the blockchain. All partners can see their investments in real time, have access to impartial third-party deliberation when there is a dispute, and can direct payments directly into their digital wallets. Larger venues can benefit from access to a complete ledger of their event’s supply chain in real-time and year-to-year.

Read more in evedo's White Paper - Page 19

Why EVED Token?

The main processes we focus on are: event organizing(with all the business relationships included) and the sale of tickets. Both involve numerous transactions and long ‘lockup periods’. These transactions are facilitated by the smart contracts and the "escrow" functionality. The longer the payments are locked in the smart contracts - the more EVED token benefits.

Read more in evedo's White Paper - Page 20

The Problems

The involvement of many

The event industry have always been an arena with many players, complications and therefore problems. We take care of them

More expensive tickets
Time loss
Ticket Fraud
Artist Management related problems
Vast Artist Competition
Lack of funding for future event
Management Software Issues
Poor planning

The Solution

Unified Platform

The only solution is a unified platform that will structure all related parties into one decentralized ecosystem. All of them will be transparently connected.

Our mission is to synergize all participants in organizing & conducting events, allowing them to improve their work, have the highest level of security & eliminate unnecessary middlemen.
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the time is now

Blockchain is here to stay

Blockchain is the fundamental technology underlying our platform and business model. It eliminates  the middleman and the need for trust between parties that organize or take part in events. That’s because it makes the whole process transparent, decentralized and secure.

Blockchain has already revolutionized a ton of different areas worldwide. Now is the time for us to give the entertainment industry the innovative tools they need.

Token Details

Utility Token

ERC 20
Total Supply
17 756 589.687825 EVED Tokens
Circulating Supply
6 214 770.5969 EVED Tokens

Token Sales

Private Sale and two rounds of IEO were executed on & in Q2 of 2019.

Token price on main event
1 EVED = 0.0005 ETH
2000 EVED = 1 ETH

Distribution of Funds & Token Allocation

evedo token allocation explained


We put our effort in reaching our milestones and also into ongoing tasks and activities. Like connecting and onboarding with Key partners & Investors, Early Adopters and other relationships. Also we're staying active and attending key industry events.

Successfully reached

April 2018

  • Idea start and excitement.

June 2018

  • Whitepaper, tech architecture and team structure.

July 2018

  • Company Design, Branding and Content Strategy.
  • Marketing structure.
  • Company legal set up etc.

August 2018

  • Onboarding key figures in the industry.
  • Onboarding awesome influencers that believe in us.
  • Gaining early adopters of the platform.
  • TGE Landing page launch and social profiles development.

September 2018

  • Exclusive token sale.
  • Onboarding more blockchain advisers.

October 2018

  • Reaching out to early adopters.
  • Architecting the B2B Marketplace.

Q1 2019

  • B2B Architecture.
  • Draft a detailed Product Roadmap.

Soon to be reached

Q2 2019

  • B2C Alpha Marketplace Launch.
  • Execute an IEO with Top Rated Exchange.
  • Ticket Sales starts with Early Adopters.

Q3 2019

  • B2B Alpha Launch.
  • B2C Beta Launch.

Q4 2019

  • Implementing blockchain.
  • B2B Beta Version Launch.

The awesome team behind it

Stoyan Angelov
Stoyan Angelov
Chief Executive Officer
Stoyan Angelov

With dozens of successful ventures, Stoyan is a highly respected member of the entertainment industry and brings very strong know-how to the table.

Rick Graham
Rick Graham
Chief Technology Officer
Rick Graham

Rick brings a wealth of experience from decades of software design & development, across dozens of languages, toolsets, and industries.An autodidactic maker, an adventurous seeker, and digital nomad at heart.

George Chisuse
George Chisuse
Chief Legal Officer
George Chisuse

George is King's College London LL.M. graduate with extensive experience in blockchain projects.He is an expert in Law of International Finance, Financial Regulations, and International Commercial Transactions.

Elena Kalpakchieva
Elena Kalpakchieva
Chief Marketing Officer
Elena Kalpakchieva

Elena has 6 years of experience in advertising, media, media relations, brand building and marketing. Interested in trends & trend forecasting and a true crypto ninja/ community builder with knowledge in behavior sciences.

Anton Aladzhov
Anton Aladzhov
Chief Creative Officer
Anton Aladzhov

Anton is a very well-rounded designer with experience in graphic design, Web UI / UX design, illustration and now taking the stage in the crypto world, that comes with it's own set of design challenges.

Petar Zhivkov
Gencho Kerezov
Financial Consultant
Gencho Kerezov
Financial Consultant

Gencho is an impactful leader with extensive background in the insurance industry, M.S. in Risk Management and consultant on billion-euro deals in multiple markets.

Petar Zhivkov
Petar Zhivkov
Blockchain Engineer
Petar Zhivkov
Blockchain Engineer

Petar specializes in Solidity/Ethereum Smart Contracts, JavaScript and connecting the user interface to the blockchain. Engineer, founder of an IoT startup and a vice president of the Startup Foundation in Bulgaria.

Karim Hristov
Karim Hristov
Front End Developer
Karim Hristov
Front End Developer

Karim is a prolific full stack Web developer with a passion for new technologies and innovations in the industry. Motivated by constant curiosity and desire to learn he is dedicated to building useful and scalable applications.


What do Blockchаin & Crypto Influencers say

Ivan On Tech

"If you're interested in how events can be done more efficiant on the blockchain check out EVEDO"

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Keith Wareing

"One company called EVEDO has big plans to disrupt the $850+ Billion event industry"

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Crypto Revolution

"The company's EVED coin unlocks a central hub for the various stakeholders in event planning"

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Crypto Zombie

"EVEDO is a really great use case for the blockchain on the event & ticketing industry"

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We won "Best Blockchain Startup" for Bulgaria. No we need your help for the next level, which is regionals. If you like our project and would like to support it with a vote it takes less than 20seconds.

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Our Early Adopters

Even Organizers

Life is a beachparty is a company created from travelers, for travelers. We fell in love with Ios as travelers ourselves, and our goal is to make sure you fall in love with Ios too.

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FlyEvents is an agency designed to organize events that stand out in style and conceptual uniqueness. We can turn anything into a boutique experience and a moment that our guests will never forget.

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Transcendence is an agency that specializes in Event Management Services, Live Concerts, Music Concerts and social Large Scale Events. The corporate and event entertainment services feature leading artists, perdormers and entertainers from across the globe.

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An agency that organizes premier events, exhibitions, sensational parties & elite social gatherings. Krypton empowers the audience to forge lasting bonds and friendships.

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World’s #1 techno inspired music platform. Originated in 2010 with the vision to build world’s biggest open-source techno platform on the Internet.

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Raoni Lemos

Raoni Lemos it's Brazilian Dj/Producer. Elevates the astral of the dance floors wherever he goes, spreading his music. Resident DJ for 9 years at Fishbone, located in Búzios, elected the best Beach Club in Brazil and at Privilège elected 3x the best Club in Brazil.

Steven Achikor

Steven Achikor is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. After coming to Bulgaria Steven heard for X Factor casting and signed for it. He made it through the finals as one of the three foreign people in the season 4 of the show.

Rock Shreller

Rock Shreller began as an experimental electronic project and now the group have become one of Bangkok's hottest new live acts. Their eponymous debut album features collaborations with international artists.


SoftUnit Conf

Soft Unit Conference is arguably the largest tech & innovation conference in Bulgaria. It is organized in partnership with FlyEvents.

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Influencers that support us

EVEDO will be working closely with some of the major names in the music and event industry. They will empower our platform and help us build it through trust, passion and connectivity.